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Appliance Leak Cleanup in Cincinnati, OH, and Erlanger, KY

Water Damage Restoration Caused by Appliance Leaks

Fast Action is the Key to Limiting the Damage!

Our Water Damage Services Include the Following:

  • Unexpected Flooding

  • Heavy Rain or Storm Damage

  • Leaking Roofs

  • Backed-Up Sewer Drain

  • Dishwasher or Washing Machine Overflows

  • Overflowing Toilets

  • Bathtubs or Sinks

  • Hot Water Tank Floods

  • Crawlspace or Basement Water Damage

  • Sump Pump Failures

Take time to think about the appliances in your home. How many depend on water? At times, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines or even water heaters and sump pumps can fail, saturating the surrounding areas with water. Our team at 1st Call can identify and restore all areas of water damage, both hidden and exposed.

We Provide Appliance Leak Cleanup in Cincinnati, OH, and Erlanger, KY.

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1st Call Disaster Services, located in Northern Kentucky, is locally owned and operated by Shane Heilman. We have the skills and equipment to handle any size restoration project, and we take pride in providing our community with the highest level of customer service.

We serve a two-hour circle around downtown Cincinnati!

1st Call Service Area

1st Call Service Area